In February this year (2013), I had my eyebrows tattooed by Jules at Anigma Beauty Therapy. I was very impressed with the consultation process. Jules was very professional and thorough, explaining to me the procedure and letting me in on deciding colour and shape. Having had a bad experience elsewhere, I initially felt nervous however, Jules made me feel relaxed and assured, the outcome is fabulous. I would recommend Jules without hesitation.
– Jude

Life Changing! I would never have believed something as simple as getting my eyeliner tattooed would be so life changing.

I can now go swimming, to the gym, beach without any fear of eye makeup smudging and getting that panda look. I wake up in the morning, ready to go! So a big time saver for a busy person.

It’s so natural looking friends and family just think I have taken more of an effort to put make up on each day.

Two of my friends had recommended the procedure and Jules - and most probably wouldn't have done it without them encouraging me to do it.

Jules was awesome, talks you through the process and is very caring and made you feel very comfortable.

I have no regrets and would highly recommend the procedure to anyone who has a busy life style, into sports but still wanting to have that feminine look.

And yes it’s definitely been life changing, I love it.

Thanks Jules.
– Sue

Just wanted to thank you so much for giving me back my eyebrows and beautiful ones at that.

Getting older and the problems that brings totally support the nickname "cranky old woman" and no wonder but now I've got a lot to smile about. Now, all the time I'm always polished and finely groomed with my natural looking perfect shaped tattooed eyebrows.

Just like new ones but thing I've ever done!!!
– Michaela

I have recently had both my upper and lower eye liner done by Jules and I am so impressed… more Panda eyes for me!!

I am a very busy person (as we all are these days) and I don’t wear much make up apart from eye liner and mascara. I have never been very good at applying upper eye liner and now I don’t have to worry about the hassle and time it takes to try and get it right.

I had never heard of this procedure before until a friend of mine had it done at Anigma with Jules and I couldn’t believe how fantastic her results were. So I got mine done and then purchased a voucher for my Mum so she also has hers done now.

We are both so happy with our results - it’s amazing how eye makeup can brighten your entire face and really define the size of your eyes.

Although some people may fear this procedure due to the nature of it, I can reassure you that Jules is extremely professional and you will have no regrets. She will talk you through the process before and during the procedure to ensure that you are fully informed and aware of what is going on. She makes you feel comfortable and she is a perfectionist so will do an amazing job.

Best thing I’ve ever done and now I have a happy Mum with beautiful eyes too!
– Rachel